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Happy Ending Rinse And Repeat Classic Stroker Masturbator, Ass

Happy Ending Rinse And Repeat Classic Stroker Masturbator, Ass

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Our Ass Masturbator is ideal for men who like a happy ending. Let the inner texture stimulate with every stroke. This handheld stroker comes in a squeezable cup and can be used in the cup or separately. Add your favorite personal lubricant, use, rinse and repeat! 

  • The Happy Ending Rinse And Repeat Classic Stroker, Ass is made from a revolutionary new material that will change how you stroke. This new material becomes naturally slick when it's exposed to water – so slick that you don't need any lube! The next time you're taking a shower, take this handy stroker with you. Just add a few drops of water to make it super slippery and ready for play. The life-like opening is shaped like a big ole' booty to make your backdoor fantasies come true.
  • The stroker grips your rod extra tight, while the textured interior rubs your shaft just right. The case itself creates a sucking sensation inside the stroker that pulls you deeper and deeper until you explode! Just make sure you don't spend too much time with your new stroker. You don't want all the hot water to run out!
  • With its discreet storage case and a hanging cord, the stroker naturally blends in with your shampoo, loofah, and other shower items. But you can enjoy it in plenty of other places too. Its discreet size makes it perfect for travelling. And you can leave the lube at home since you don't need it!
  • The Shower Stroker measures 6 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. It's made from TPE, which makes the stroker feel incredibly soft against your sensitive bits. The storage case is made from non-rigid plastic like a water bottle. That means you can squeeze the case during playtime for extra stimulation.
  • The stroker can be used up to 10 times without needing lube. If it starts feeling a little dry, add a little bit of your favorite lube and start pumping away. Always wash and dry your stroker when you're done. Then hang it up in the shower, so it's ready for next time!
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