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Happy Ending Just Add Water Shower Stroker Masturbator, Ass

Happy Ending Just Add Water Shower Stroker Masturbator, Ass

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Our Just Add Water Shower Stroker Masturbator Ass is a compact oral stroker that's designed for intense pleasure. It delivers deep, pleasure-packed suction, which is intensified by the closed design. It is designed for easy one-handed use and is easily cleaned for low maintenance pleasure.

  • This Ass Masturbator adds an extra layer of fun to your solo and partner play. Add a couple of drops of water for enhanced comfort and slippery stimulation. A small drop of water is all it takes to make this revolutionary male stroker super slippery and ready for action! Enjoy lube-free stroking in the shower with this fantastic new masturbator!
  • This male masturbator is made from a unique material that becomes super slick with just a little water. It becomes so smooth that you can use it without any lube at all! Just wet your finger and plunge it deep inside the textured tunnel to get it ready. And then start stroking right there in the shower. The life-like entry is shaped like a tight anus. And it grips your shaft just like the whole thing too!
  • The Ass Shower Stroker feels so good that you can quickly lose track of time and end up being late for work! With its discreet storage case and a convenient hanging cord, the Stroker makes a great shower accessory, whether you're getting ready in the morning or cleaning up after a hard workout in the gym. But you can use it plenty of other places too.

Key Features:

  • The Just Add Water Ass Stroker measures 6 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.
  • It's made from TPE, which makes the Stroker feel incredibly soft against your sensitive bits.
  • The storage case is made from non-rigid plastic like a water bottle. That means you can squeeze the case during playtime for extra stimulation.
  • The Stroker can be used up to 10 times without needing lube. If it starts feeling a little dry, add a few drops of water and start pumping away.
  • Always wash and dry your Stroker when you're done. Then hang it up in the shower, so it's ready for next time!
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